Bizspace Bold M & Y Project

Bizspace are one of our biggest clients who offer a complete range of workspace solutions, from simple mailboxes, industrial units and storage space, through to fully serviced offices. They have over 118 sites nationwide and Equity is employed to refurbish and maintain a high percentage of these covering the Northern and North West regions of England. 

We were called by Bizspace to look at one of their tenant’s roofs which was leaking severely. The job entailed the refurbishment of 1000m2 flat roof with lots of M&E services coming up through the roof therefore a full strip off of the existing roof coverage and relaying was required. We decided to go with a package called Armourplan supplied by SIG (Sheffield Insulation Group)

Armourplan SG is a polyester fleece-backed PVC membrane suitable for partially or fully adhesive bonding to flat or sloping roofs. Armourplan SG sheets are partially or fully bonded to the substrate using Armourplan Contact Adhesive. Lap joints in the sheets are welded with a hot air gun. 

The works were completed on time to a schedule and was within the budget. All of the tenants were kept happy throughout the duration of work and Bizspace continue to contact us regarding other refurbishment and maintenance jobs.

Below is the Link to the proposed roof plan





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