Industrial Refurbishment for our good friend’s at Premium Roofing

Equity has been busy this week helping our good friends from Premium Roofing Supplies Ltd move into their new unit in Trafford Park.  Premium Roofing Supplies are a highly successful roofing supplies company who formed in 2006 to supply the industrial roofing & cladding industry with specialist fasteners and accessories Premium Roofing Supplies has achieved rapid growth with a turnover of £2M+. To accommodate this growth they have opened a larger unit to house their trade centre and offices.

Equity Shopfitting & Construction have traded with Premium Roofing for a number of years and we were more than happy to help them with the refurbishment of their new unit.  Installing a new bespoke trade counter we have created a welcoming space for their customers.

Using partition stud walls for interior division we have created a tranquil office space for their staff to operate from; helping to make their big move a little less stressful! As for us there is no time to relax, we at Equity are too excited as we are now scheduled to undertake a £400,000.00 office refurbishment in Manchester for Jon Richard Ltd; a large supplier of jewellery within the UK.
Make sure to keep checking in on our blog for updates on our next project! 

House Extensions| How to Keep Your Neighbours Happy

House Extensions| How to Keep Your Neighbours Happy

As a bona fide builder in Manchester, we know that planning your house extension is exciting for you. However, you’re worried that extending your home could upset the neighbours. With that in mind, here are some practical tips you can use to reassure other residents about your home renovation project.

Having worked on many house extensions in the North West, we know that it’s worth approaching your neighbours to inform them of any building work being carried out on your home. It eases anxiety and stress for both parties and enables your builder to crack on with the job, with the minimum of fuss.

1. Show & Tell the Neighbours Your Plans

Seems obvious, right? However, in the excitement of planning your house extension, it’s easy to forget about the neighbours. A great way to keep fellow residents on side is to invite them over for a drink, show them the drawings for your extension project and explain what’s happening and give them a timeline of when work is taking place. Don’t catch your fellow residents by surprise, work with them and they’ll work with you.  For neighbours, there’s nothing worse than finding out about building work until the signs go up!

2. Keep Neighbours Informed

Based on our experiences, communication between homeowners and neighbours when it comes to house extensions, breaks down once a building project is given the green light by way of planning permission.

Most think, ‘stuff the neighbours, they can say what they like now.’ However, it’s important to remember that you still have to live next to them once your project is complete.

Plus, if your neighbours have not extended their home(s), how you treat them during your build will be how they treat you if ever they decide to extend. With that in mind, it pays to keep the communication channels open, even when you’ve got planning permission.

It might be that your builder needs to access your property via a neighbouring property. If you burn bridges with your neighbour, they could make your home extension project that little bit tougher.

3. Introduce them to the building project manager

It’s not common practice for homeowners having an extension to introduce their builder to neighbours, but it can help to put everyone at ease and ensure that the project runs smoothly. It’s a great way to maintain communication if you can’t be at home while your extension takes shape.

4. Invite Your Neighbours to the Unveiling

This is a win-win for both parties. You get to show off your magnificent extension, and let’s face it every neighbour would relish the opportunity to nosy around next door’s house.

Inviting them over for the grand unveiling is a great gesture and any memory of the build is forgotten as you, and your neighbours, enjoy your newly extended home.

But, if all else fails, and your neighbour is being completely unreasonable on all fronts, continue as planned. All you can do is keep your composure, remain polite and see your project through.

Are you a property owner in the North West looking to extend your home? View our portfolio to see what we can do and call us for a no obligation quote to have your dream home.

house extensions manchester
house extensions manchester

Four Simple Ways to Improve Construction Site Safety

Here at Equity Construction we have recently updated our company Health & Safety Policy therefore we thought that we would include some handy tips for improving construction site safety in this week's blog.

Did you know that construction is one of the most dangerous land-based sectors in Europe?
With this in mind we’re going to look at 4 ways to improve safety measures on your construction site so that you can secure employees and increase profits.

Morning meetings:

Many businesses prefer their staff to turn up and get straight to work, but to ensure complete safety on site I recommend holding morning meetings. In these morning ‘scrums’ you can discuss the hazards on site, how to best protect against these hazards and the jobs that need to be done that day.

It’s also a great time for your employees to bring up any issues that they may have in terms of safety. Perhaps they don’t feel like they’ve been provided with the correct safety equipment.
A morning meeting is the perfect time of the day to address new hazards at work.

Cleaning rota:

‘Hold on. I work in construction, not cleaning!’
I know, but site housekeeping is vital if you want safety on site. It’s very common for tools, waste, and other manual construction equipment to be left strewn around the site.
This poses a number of risks – primarily trip and fire hazards. If one person is delegated each day to walk round the site clearing these hazards it’s lessening the risk of one of your employees becoming injured.


Safety inspections should be carried out on every construction site, regardless of size. If you bring in a professional they’ll be able to assess the area, pick out each hazard and offer a safety solution. If you’re a smaller business and a professional inspection doesn’t fit into your budget, you can perform the inspection yourself. There’s no excuse!


It doesn’t matter which industry you’re in, providing the correct training is probably the most important way to ensure safety at work. If you haven’t trained your staff on how to correctly use a piece of equipment or perform a task you’re the one putting them at risk.
If there are any new employees on the site, they’re much more likely to harm themselves than more experienced workers. It’s always a good idea to ask your experienced staff members to train the newer ones.

So, the next time you head out to work on a construction site, consider these 4 things. Are your employees protected? Do you take the necessary measures to guarantee employee safety? If not, then try putting these four tips into practice! 

building site safety
A roofer working on a slate roof.

Thinking Points for Choosing a Fit-out Contractor

  • A great commercial fit-out can give new life to your building, increase occupier satisfaction, attract great quality tenants, extend occupant retention, and boost the owner’s bottom line. It’s also a lot less expensive when compared to major works, like a complete rebuild. A new fit-out is about coming into a building and providing a breath of fresh air. Contractors must be adaptive to every client’s requirements, whether that’s ripping apart the internals, building or upgrading a new lobby, upgrading services to BSI standards, even putting in new handrails or compliant glass.

In a big, commercial environment, one of the most important client deliverables is a happy tenant. You have to ensure they are safe while works are underway, and that they are able to perform their daily tasks. That means working around office hours if need be. As far as the tenant is concerned, you want a situation where the contractors are hardly seen or heard.

If we could offer one piece of advice to any owner or developer who was considering a refurbishment, it would be to choose a fit-out contractor that truly understands about working in a live environment. Choose someone with an impeccable delivery record and preferably someone who is part of a nationally recognised organisation such as the National Association of Shopfitters.

We are also keen to note that, by engaging construction expertise on smaller projects like fit-outs, clients get a chance to decide if we as contractors can be relied on to deliver. Therefore it is in our favour; if we can prove ourselves at this level, we can leverage that good experience to build a solid relationship with the owner/developer and become involved in even bigger projects.

The thing that’s important to any owner/developer is that their contractor never loses its client focus. The moment we lose the ability to understand the client’s expectation of the end product is the moment we have lost our way. When the client has an issue on a project, we want them to ring us. You shouldn’t accept mediocrity.

Reputation is everything. A design and fit out company will live or die on it. Whoever you choose to deliver your project, take time out to talk to their past clients and look at projects they've delivered. It will be time well spent.

  • Have they provided references?
  • Have they managed projects of a similar size?
  • Do they have a solid track record in your sector?
  • Will they arrange site visits for you to see:
  • One of their finished projects?
  • How long have they been in business?
  • Do they have case studies for you to read?
  • Do they work all over the UK?
  • Is the company part of a nationally recognised organisation?
  • Have you determined who owns the company?
Choosing a Fit-out Contractor
Choosing a Fit-out Contractor 2

Roof Maintenance / Roof Repairs in Manchester

Equity have been very busy again this week attending roof leaks! Getting a roof inspection may seriously reduce or eradicate future maintenance/repair costs and here is why!

Equity have been very busy again this week attending roof leaks!  Getting a roof inspection may seriously reduce or eradicate future maintenance/repair costs and here is why!

Property is one of the biggest investments that you will make in your lifetime. Regularly scheduled and proper inspections are necessary to ensure you get the most out of your property and protect that investment.  Specifically, roof inspections may be one of the best ways to avoid unnecessary and costly repairs down the road. Annual roof inspections can uncover minor defects caused by the elements, normal wear and tear or faulty workmanship. Addressing these issues now can save you thousands in the future.

What is a roof inspection? One of our team will survey your roof free of charge to inspect for areas of concern.  We’ll look for things such as improperly installed roof sheets or tiles, damaged or improperly installed flashing, wind or hail damage, rotted wood, problems with gutters and obvious signs of leaks.  We’ll also talk to you about any signs of leaks such as; mildew or ceiling discoloration inside your property that may be a result of the deterioration of the roof.   If necessary we’ll even access your loft space to determine if you have sufficient insulation and any signs of leaks.
What are the benefits of a roof inspection?  We frequently respond to repairs for work when it has become an emergency or very urgent situation.  Whether it is a leak that has damaged interior drywall, paint, etc. or rotted exterior wood, or an ice dam in gutters, these are often issues that are 100% preventable when minor issues are discovered as a result of an inspection.  Inspection, prevention and maintenance are keys to extending the life of your roof and avoiding costly repairs. 

Equity Shopfitting & Construction Ltd offers free, no obligation quotes following inspections and will provide you with a complete explanation of our findings and discuss all of your options to remedy any potential problem areas. An inspection may save you thousands in the future! 

Isn’t it time for your annual property “check-up”?  To learn more about what we have to offer and our money saving tips and tricks call our office and speak to us 0161 368 7447.

Welcome to our First blog Post

A Little Bit About Us

We undertake all aspects of  development & construction with a full service approach supplying clients with; new build, maintenance, refurbishment, structural alterations, groundwork’s and all general building work. We provide full design and build of bespoke shop fronts, bars & nightclubs, offices including industrial estates and units.

We are located in Matley in Cheshire, located 30 mins from the centre of Manchester, Stockport is 20 minutes away. Beautiful chester is 1 hour down the road and London in 3 hours. 

A view of   Mam Tor  , Peak District National Park

A view of Mam Tor, Peak District National Park