Bizspace – Linthwaite Industrial Estate Huddersfield

Bizspace rent out several hundred industrial units on their estates for different purposes, this in particular unit was being operated as a waste transfer station. The tenants had piled wet carpet and debris against one of the external brick walls of the unit which was high level to the external envelope. Whilst stacking the debris with the use of a loading shovel the wall was pushed and caved under the pressure. The wall collapsed into the road below and the roof was no longer supported and had fallen down.

Bizspace contacted us regarding the incident and we emergency attended securing the site and removing the debris. We then moved forward to make the site safe and operational for the tenants. 

Road closure permits and scaffolding were arranged with the local authority ensuring that we adhered to all regulations. We used a portal frame designed by our structural engineer and began to rebuild the unit. We installed all of the brickwork complete with new roof, windows and fire exits. The works was completed within three weeks and the tenants were happy that they were able to remain fully operational throughout.



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