Manchester Town Hall Taxi Licensing Unit

We were contacted by Manchester City Council who required works to be undertaken on the Taxi Licensing Unit. The works were requested to be carried out during unsociable hours; this is so that the Taxi Licensing Unit could remain fully functional during the day. The works consisted of installing new toughened glass screens that displayed the city council’s crest. The screens were installed to give staff and taxi drivers  privacy whilst discussing renewal of their licences.

The main challenges which we faced were carrying out the work out of hours due to this we had to ensure that work was carried out quietly so that we did not cause nuisance for the neighbouring departments working at nights within the town hall. The work also had to be completed as quickly as possible so that the licensing unit could remain fully functional and thus a two day schedule was set. Works were finished on time and to a high standard resulting in Manchester City Council contacting us for other works which they required to be undertaken, such as work carried out within Manchester Town Hall.

Below is a link to the drawing for the proposed work.





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