Manto Night Club

Sarrasota Canal Street & Paradise Factory Princess Street

Mantos was one of Manchester’s longest-serving gay bars, Manto opened up way back in 1990. It was situated in the “Gay Village” in Manchester which is without a doubt the liveliest area of the city. This was reflected by the number of people which frequent Canal Street, or 'anal treet' as it's also affectionately known locally. Mantos has been referred to as one of the bars that helped to create the “gay village.

Many were attracted to Manto by the Queer as Folk television drama which was based in the area. Although Manto on Canal Street was notorious for being a gay club, they were also straight friendly and the popularity of the area with hetrosexuals underlines the welcoming open-minded attitude Mancunians are famed for. A great time was guaranteed for anybody - gay, straight or bisexual. 

We were approached by Peter Dalton and Carl Ainscow the co-owners of Manto. We have worked for Manto on three separate occasions including the full fit out and refurbishment of both Manto on Canal Street and the fill fit out of Mantos located within the Trafford Centre. The works comprised of Paul Astill’s designs and a complete refurbishment of Mantos on Canal Street. 



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