Micro Direct is the UK leading retailer of quality computer components and electronics. Over an 8 year period Equity was able to build a very strong client relationship with micro-direct, one that was built through efficient customer services which we provide and also through clear concise communication. They were so impressed by Equity that we were called for all refurbishment and maintenance works required on not only their main retail outlet store on Upper Brook Street in Stockport but also for their warehouse distribution centre based on Stockport Road in Levenshulme. 

The continual ongoing maintenance repair and rebuild work ranged from the design and installation of new counters and work surfaces, installing eye catching display cabinets, installing electronic roller shutters and sliding doors, placing wheel chair ramps in appropriate places to allow disabled access to the building as well as the design and fit out of their offices. We consistently refurbished and maintained Micro Directs premises for a further 8 years until the company was remodelled in 2008.

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