Satans Hollow Night Club

Satans Hollow is one of Manchester’s only venues that cater for Punk/Rock/Metal lovers, part of the reason why it’s so popular amongst the young clubbing crowd of the city. Get your smartphone out, because this place is a little tricky to find, but once you get there, you’ll be glad you made the effort. With cheap entry (on average between £2 and £5) all week, Satans Hollow attracts a young and party hungry crowd waiting to let loose, so don’t expect a quiet glass of vino here. The clientele is young and distinctive, expect some skinny jeans and a lot of piercings; but if you enjoy a big night out with heavy music amongst a real party crowd, then Satans Hollow could be the club for you.

We were contacted by Paul and Steve Petrico the owners of Satan’s Hollow to design and build a complete fit out of a night club as well as widening the main entrance; all of which had to be undertaken in a 26 week working programme. 

The fit out of the night club had to be undertaken first due to difficulties faced with the widening of the main entrance so that all materials could be delivered inside the club. The widening of the main entrance was made difficult due to a main lift shaft running through the building. We had to use structural steel to support the building so that the entrance could be made bigger. 

The finished product was to the client’s specification and the club was finished to a high standard. Satan’s hollow still remains one of the most notorious punk/metal clubs in Manchester. 


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