South Night Club

South is Manchester's original underground basement dive club and is proud of it. Launched by Paul Cons the promotions manager of the Hacienda, South became a kickback from Gunchester and the violence surrounding the Hacienda at the time. South was created as an antidote to the super club; a tiny dive club, dark and deliberately underground.  South launched seminal nights including The Glory Hole, Rinky Dink and Board which featured an in-club skateboard ramp, but the club really hit home with The Rock and Roll Bar and later Clint Boon's Disco Rescue - a club night without pretension where you didn't have to be scared to party.

We were contacted by Paul Cons another former employee of the Hacienda to fit out a new nightclub with designs by Paul Astill & Associates. All works were completed within budget and on time including the widening of the main opening and refurbishment of the club and bars. We then continued to maintain the premises as required. From 1995 to 2014 South is 19 yrs young and continues to throw nights out and cutting edge parties at the forefront of the industry. 


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