Trifles Bakery

Trifles have even been referred to as the UK version of Aces Cakes. !!!!!! 

Time may have helped them to develop their cakes but after twenty years their shop front no longer resembled the high quality products which they sold and a refurbishment of the existing shop front was required. As Equity offer individually designed bespoke shop fronts (not unlike Trifles cakes) we were chosen to undertake the project. 

The main challenges surrounding the project were not only the short time in which the project had to be completed but also the location of the building.

 Ashton is a conservation area and therefore, due to the shops historic location the planners and local authorities were keen to keep the existing aesthetics to match surrounding heritage.

 Lead works were required for the shop front and undertaken by specialist Lead Sheet Association (LSA) contractors who specialised in National Trust Work.

Local contractors C. Saycell & Sons from Droylsden were chosen to undertake the redecoration of the front. 

We were able to finish on time leaving Trifles with a new shop front which matched the aesthetics of the previous one. However the new shop front now also accommodates alfresco dining with retractable blinds which allow shelter as required. Since the refurbishment Trifles have been entered and won numerous awards such as Tameside Coffee Shop of the Year and Tameside Best Confectionary/Bakers 2013. 

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