Wilmslow & Claremont

The project consisted of the diversion of one of the busiest roads in Rusholme Manchester and the design and installation of the maybey bridge company’s soldier structural support systems. This had to be designed to support a neglected and poorly maintained property which had been purchased by our client. The client had leased the property to new tenants who had removed the shop front which previously existed at the property. However as they had an unorthodox construction company undertake the works, the building was rendered unstable, and was ready to collapse. This resulted from the removal of the incorrect components from the shop front which allowed the building to begin to collapse into a main corridor route of Manchester most popular high streets filled with Asian restaurants and gourmet food shops. 

We were able to structurally support the building and divert the traffic with minimal disruption to the surrounding area. We had new steel works manufactured which we installed to support the buildings structure. We rebuilt the pier supporting and prepared it so that it was ready for a new shop front to be installed and our client was able to re-let. 




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