Woodville Centre Nursery 

Acorn Grove Nursery is based within the Woodville centre and is an established childcare service located in Manchester which is managed by the Pre-school Learning Alliance. At Acorn Grove Nursery they have created a fun, stimulating, learning environment offering full and part time sessions for young children.

The project required us to undertake major civil engineering works such as piling and concrete pumping. We also had to demolish half of the building internally and then insert structural steel in order to support the first floor. We used the main car park for the removal, disposal and delivery of all materials which was made difficult by the car park remaining in use for access to the main community centre. Banksmen were used to remove debris from site and to unload and deliver materials including security fencing.  

After a geological survey by contractors it was discovered that the complete centre was built on top of an old pond/river bed and therefore the complete foundations of the project required under pinning. This was undertaken by mini piles and canter leaver ring beam reinforced concrete foundations. We then moved on to construct two number of single story flat roofed extensions to the side and rear elevations. All engineering works to the external elevation of the nursery including wheel chair ramps for disabled access, white picket fencing surrounding the nursery and flagged areas were all completed to Ofsted specifications.

The project was a complete success and the Woodville centre continues to gain excellent reviews from both Ofsted and the community which utilises it.




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